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    Hector's Dolphin in the Queen Charlotte Sound
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    Photo of the Week March 31st

    E-Ko News
    Author: E-Ko Tours
    March 31, 2018

A Whale of a GOOD Time . SUCCESS ! First ever Whale Watching Tour in the Cook Strait! TWO Humpback Whales travelling slowly on the Surface gave us 8 Sightings Now Extended until 20th August

Thanks to the Heberley Family for helping us find the Whales . Absolutely fantastic that we have so much Whale Spotting experience in Picton - 5th Generation Whalers. What a TEAM!

The Two Humpbacks sighted came very close on the first viewing. What a Buzz. Travelling about 3 knots in a northerly direction the Humpbacks surfaced every 5 minutes and were close to us every time. Our Guests were very excited about being the FIRST E-Ko Whale Watchers from Picton. With only 14 people it is a very personal experience and we were amazed at how easy it all seemed. Then back into the Tory channnel for a celebratory hot drink and some fantastic CAKE made by one of our guests. A truly special day for all on board. 

Earlier at 0900 we stopped to drop off our Spotter Rob, while we went to visit the only restored Whale Station in NZ. Here we watched video of past Whaling history and checked out artifacts from the Whaling Days which certainly gets you in the mood to go into the Strait and look for Whales!. We were privilaged today to have local legend Joe Heberly (SNR) and his good wife Heather and daughter help us , they are fantasic at finding whales and really enjoy the family competition - WHO sees the first Whale. Thar she Blows ! 

And not to forget the pod of Dusky Dolphins 5 minutes out into the harbour or the fur seals plus a second pod of Dusky Dolphins feeding. Some little Blue Penguins , NZ Fur Seals, Dolphins , Whales  and Sea Birds! What a fantastic 4 hours. The restored Perano Whale Station was a magic place to set the tone - from Whalers to Conservationist. Now all we want to do is save the Whales and get a few photos in the process :-)

The end of Tory channel is the BEST place in New Zealand to do Land based Whale Watching and next year we may be able to offer public a chance to participate at the look out.There is a lot to finding whales and we had succes because of the Heberley family skill , Joe your a living legend ! Thanks 

Don't delay to BOOK for this year as we only have 1 month more to go . The Trips are selling fast!


Written By E-Ko Tours. All Rights Reserved.
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